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About LuLi & Co

Lucille Oosthuizen,


I am Lucille, the Mom behind LuLi&Co. I am a homeschooling Mom of 4 kiddo’s aged 7-18 years old. I have always had a passion for living frugally, simply, off a dime…so when I heard about Modern Cloth Nappies about 10 years ago while I was pregnant with my daughter, there was no question I was going to cloth diaper. We loved it, I clearly remember the feeling of satisfaction at every nappy change, knowing that not only had we saved money but also having a positive impact on the environment. It was only when I fell pregnant with our 4th little Munchkin in 2013, that I discovered the Cloth Community online and was in absolute awe with what was available out there! I couldn’t afford a new stash, so I decided to put my sewing skills to the test and lovingly create our own stash. This was the first step that led to the birth of LuLi&Co…and we have slowly grown over the past few years.

We are still a family run business, everyone playing their part, helping to grow our little business. Our 2 older boys started helping with smaller tasks like pressing items, attaching snaps and sorting, but now have even been trained on our sewing machines, helping at every opportunity. We have also very recently enlisted the much needed assistance of a local seamstress and last but not least, my hubby, Morne, who has worked tirelessly creating this website for us. Thank You!

I am also eternally grateful for every Mommy I have crossed paths with over the last few years, who have helped us to grow to this point. I hope for LuLi&Co to still grow in leaps and bounds, helping Mommies along the way to find their place in the Modern Cloth World.