Who We Are?

Hi there and welcome to LuLi&Co!

My name is Lucille and I am the Founder and Owner of LuLi&Co, established 26 February 2016. I am a homeschooling Mommy of 4 kiddo’s ranging from age 5 to 16.

LuLi&Co started quite by chance, our story starting way back in 2011. We had just moved from our longtime home in Cape Town to the beautiful coastal town of Kleinmond when I first heard about Modern Cloth nappies. I was pregnant with surprise baby #3 and wasn’t quite sure how we were going to afford having a baby in the house again. Another Mommy I had befriended showed me her cloth nappies and I was immediately sold on the idea…genius, why didn’t I think of it? I immediately went in search of the website I was provided, and soon after, proceeded to purchase my daughters full stash of 20+ pocket nappies from the only online retailer I could find at the time.

It was only with surprise baby #4 in 2014 that I discovered the Online cloth nappy community when I stumbled across the “South African Cloth Nappy Users” FB Page. This opened up an entire universe of knowledge that I simply didn’t have with regards to troubleshooting…I finally received answers to all my questions and proceeded to make plans for the new baby’s cloth nappy stash. Already having sold my daughters nappies after potty learning, and with no extra finances, I brewed up a plan to cloth diaper on a budget. The challenge was right up my alley and I embraced it wholeheartedly.

I dug out all our old receiving blankets and with a few extras given to me from friends, I cloth diapered our son the old school way…flats and covers. Although nothing fancy, I absolutely loved the idea that it cost me nothing! I subconsciously tallied how much we were saving with every nappy I changed. Ka-ching! During this time I spent months looking for patterns online, researching fabrics, searching for suppliers and testing patterns. Honestly, most were a disaster, but with a few years practice and continued troubleshooting, we eventually got it right. My little Munchkin eventually got some awesome homemade nappies and LuLi&Co was born!

For the first 2 years I worked alone, while homeschooling our older 2 boys. As LuLi&Co grew, we grew, constantly learning and tweaking our patterns and products. This past year, we got to the point that I couldn’t do it alone, with homeschooling and running a household, I decided to enlist some help. I have over time taken on 2 ladies part time, Mary who was my housekeeper started cutting and preparing items for sewing and Maryon who is a retired seamstress I had recently befriended. Together we are quite the team!

We have expanded our Range to include Nappies, Ladycloth, accessories and our popular Basics Range, catering for all budgets and needs. We are now stocked at multiple online retailers, including Whale Coast Conservation’s “Greenhouse” Product Brand which we manufacture. We have also been privileged to receive a small business grant where we worked hand in hand with Whale Coast Conservation and visited schools in the Overberg areas, introducing Cloth Pads aka “Ladycloth” to the girls and providing them all with sample packages. We have big plans for the coming months and hope that you’ll all join us on the journey!

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Kind Regards,