BUDGET “Crisis” Cover

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LuLi&Co’s BUDGET “Crisis” Cover is as simple as it can come. Zero frills or fancy finishes...just the simplest form of functionality to get you through these trying times...and beyond!

•50x50cm square Polar Fleece

•unedged and unlabeled

•To be used over an absorbent Nappy option.

•Fold into a triangle for Newborn or smaller babies, wrapping and tucking as needed, secure with a Snappi.

•Adjust triangle fold to wrap around older babies and toddlers, secure with a Snappi.

•TOP TIP: Polar fleece is water resistant when used over a Nappy, keeping wetness in...but when absorbent Nappy is wedged between the layers of the triangle, the fleece against baby’s skin acts as a staydry layer keeping baby’s bottom dry.

•DISCLAIMER: Please note to maximize our fabric width and keep our pricing as low as possible, fleece cover may include selvage.

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